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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recipe Post: Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches

There is nothing better than a sweet and energizing summertime treat. These ice cream sandwiches are perfect to put together at a social engagement or to make at home and keep in the freezer as a quick dessert. They are very easy to prepare and so delicious. In addition, they are approximately 120 calories per sandwich, so for those watching their calories, this is a great dessert option!! The size and shape of our macaroons are perfect for slicing.

Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches
Makes 3 Sandwiches 

1 package of Dark Cacao Macaroons
3 Tablespoons Vanilla Ice Cream (my favorite is Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island)

Carefully slice the macaroons in half the long way across. This will be difficult if the macaroons have been sitting in too warm a temperature, they might crumble on you. They should be firm before cutting. Next, spread about 1 tablespoon of ice cream on one half of the macaroon. The ice cream should also be right out of the freezer. If its too soft, the ice cream will melt too quickly for you to assemble the sandwich. Place the other half of the macaroon on top of the ice cream and immediately place in the freezer in an open container. Do the same for the other two macaroons.
Leave to set in the freezer for 1-2 hours. The ice cream should be frozen again before eating for the full effect!!
Play around with different flavors of macaroons and ice cream! There are endless possibilities with these ice cream sandwiches. I played around with dark cacao and vanilla ice cream and also Chai Macaroons with vanilla ice cream (picture below). Both delicious! What other flavor combos can you come up with? Let us know and post pictures on our facebook page or tag us on instagram (@emmysorganics)! 


Divya Kamat said...

Hey this is awesome & instant yummy recipe.. thanks for sharing. Even ill like to share one link of 'Indian Cooking', its very helpful.

Jessica McKernan said...

I am so happy I found this recipe! coconut macaroons are my absolute favorite but your ice cream sandwiches sound like the perfect summer treat. Thanks so much for sharing!