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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 7

For some reason, I had a VERY small appetite today. I cannot explain. I woke up feeling really good and everything, but my appetite did not come until later when Ian planned and made the most amazing raw gourmet meal for me! I cant believe that the week went by so fast. Never during the week did I wish that I wasnt doing the cleanse and honestly, it was pretty easy. Now I do have an advantage because I am around raw snacks all day long, but even going to do various things on the run weren’t too challenging. Honestly, I feel like I want to continue on further. In general I do eat a mostly raw diet, though I do add things in that I love such as soup, gluten-free toast, rice, etc. I feel like my mind is clearer and I have a lot more energy. The other thing that I have planned for tomorrow is a professional colonic. After a week of serious detoxing I am really looking forward to it. They can be much more powerful than anything you do at home. I highly recommend it to anyone who is changing their diet, looking for more energy and weight loss. Please comment or email if you have any questions.
Mate with raw honey
Org. apple
Some emmy’s Walnut Ginger Fig Granola
The rest of my Brad’s Raw Crackers
AMAZING raw vegan meal (check out picture): Mushroom pate stuffed mushroom caps, zucchini noodle salad with avocado and tomato, a bed of greens with avo and tomato and brazil nut parmesan cheese to put on everything. Let me tell you, it was wonderful. I couldnt even finish it all. Two of the recipes were from Cafe Gratitude’s I Am Grateful . This is our favorite raw recipe book. EVERYTHING in it is good.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 6

2 mugs mate with raw honey
1 org. apple
Emmy’s Apricot Flax Granola
Some leftover scraps of Emmy’s Chocolate Super Fudge …so good
2 small nori handrolls-one with the lasts of my veg rice, spinach, org. sprouts and avocado and another with org. spinach, org. avocado, org. sprouts and sauerkraut. Then a little extra org. greens, org. sprouts, avocado and sauerkraut with org. olive oil.
2oz fresh wheatgrass
1 gts green kombucha (I think Im hooked!)
Few handfuls of our Curry Spice Sprouted Sunnies
Then we randomly decided to go to the movies, so we stopped at our amazing food coop, Greenstar, and I got a little salad at the salad bar: spinach, cucumbers, shredded beets, shredded carrots, black olives and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I actually “cheated” a little bit and put a few marinated artichoke hearts on my salad too. I didnt get mad at myself or anything, I just wanted to spice up the salad a little more! I also bought a bag of Brad’s Raw Crackers. They were actually quite good. They were very green and it was fun to sit in the movie and eat something crunchy out of a bag. **Please note, I do not promote eating outside food in the movie theater. I just do it all of the time ; )
Then I drank WATER
The weather here is starting to actually feel like winter. It has been so warm lately which is one of the reasons why I wanted to do the cleanse. Normally I wait until its a little warmer to do things like this. So Ive been pretty cold. My energy is up and down.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 5

2 mugs mate tea with raw honey
1 green juice: org. spinach, org. kale, org. carrot, tangerine, org. apple, org. sprouts, org. lemon and org. ginger.
Raw Nori Handrolls with veggie rice, org. avocado, org, alfalfa sprouts! I still have my rice leftover!
Few pieces of Emmy’s Apricot Flax Granola
Few bites of sauerkraut
1 gts green kombucha
1 salad at a cool bar here called Culture Shock (they serve kombucha): greens, avocado, onion, apple and dressing.
  • All in all I am noticing how much smaller my appetite is. I notice that when I am hungry, I gravitate to whatever is going to feel “filling” but what actually sustains me the most is liquid greens and raw cacao.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 4

I woke up today feeling so sleepy. I tried to sleep in a little but still felt very tired for most of the morning and early afternoon. At some point I realized that I hadnt had any liquid greens in about two days! I quickly got together the ingredients to make myself some green juice and made one up! I tell you five minutes after I finished the juice, my whole world changed! I felt AMAZING for the rest of the day. It both satisfied me and made me feel so good. I was able to accomplish so much more including a recipe video that we will be putting out this week. Then I was super excited when we went over to Ian’s mother’s house to watch the Oscars! All energy in tact. Moral of the story is GET YOUR GREENS. Holy moly they are powerful and drinking them is the easiest way for your body to receive all that goodness. Here’s what I ate/drank:
2 mugs mate with raw honey
2 org. oranges
Small salad: org. spinach, wakame, avocado, org. olive oil, apple cider vinegar
3 “ice cubes” of the pili nut chocolate that I made yesterday
Big green juice: org. spinach, org. kale, org. apple, tangerine, org. lemon and org. ginger. This was the best juice EVER! Highly recommend the combo!
Raw Nori Rolls filled with veggie rice, avocado, org. carrots and org. alfalfa sprouts. RECIPE VIDEO for rice and nori rolls coming this week!
Few bites of yummy sauerkraut
1 gts green kombucha
Handful of Emmy’s Coconut Vanilla Mini Macaroons

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 3

Ok here’s what went down! I started the day by going to my gym and not working out, but sitting in the steam room! It is so nice to cleanse through the skin. I drank a lot of water and tried to stay in there as long as I could by taking cold showers and going back in. I also did some good exfoliating! I always stay away from beauty products that have chemicals in them, but for this week and am only using the purest of the pure. There are so many ways that toxins can enter our bodies and this week is for me to counter that in any way that I can. Today was a busy day, I was not in my office or at home for any of my day-time eating so it was tricky. I ended falling into a very common hole that people experience on a raw foods diet: too much fat. When you are on the run and you are just looking for something that is going to “fill” you, its always fat. Dont get me wrong. I love fat. Avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Amazing and wonderful for you, but not in excess. I think that people who are trying a raw foods diet for the first time and eating a lot of fat might not even feel so great…just a guess. Anyway, today I had more than I would have liked to but I sure did enjoy it and aside from feeling a little tired, I felt pretty good today.
2 mugs mate with raw honey
2 org. apples
1 individual serving of raw org. cashew butter
Kale Salad: I bought this at our local coop because I was on my way to see a play. I stuck some of my own alfalfa sprouts on top and ate in the car! It was a chopped kale salad with other veggies with a sweet dressing, yummy.
1 small avocado
A few handfuls of Emmy’s Apricot Flax Granola
Pili Nut Chocolate: This was an experiment. I had read about Pili Nuts and how good they are for you a few months ago and ordered a bag of them online. They had been sitting around for a while so I thought it was time to whip em’ out! I put the Pili Nuts which are VERY high in oil in our nut butter machine. What came out was a Nut Paste which I mixed with some org. raw cacao and org. raw coconut syrup in a food processor. What came out was basically an INTENSE chocolate brownie mixture. I ended up tasting some as I made it. I put big blobs of it into ice cube trays and I put them in my freezer for when I want a serious chocolate boost. Pili nuts are also very high in magnesium and vitamin E. If you are interested in making your own raw chocolate, it can be done by combining melted coconut oil, cacao and a sweetener of your choice in a bowl. Add other fun things like nuts or dried fruit. When its all combined pour in onto a flat sheet for a “bar” or into molds to make smaller truffles. Place in freezer to cool! This is the super easy way to do it. The only downside is if you want to take it anywhere it needs to stay cool to stay together. This is why raw chocolate bars are so amazing and can be pricey—it takes a lot of time to temper the chocolate so that it wont melt at room temperature.
A few oil-cured olives
Seaweed Salad: Kelp noodles, wakame, dulse, nori and spinach in a bowl with org. cold pressed olive oil, vinegar and avocado. Seriously good.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 2

Feeling pretty good today! Woke up and gave myself an enema. Yes people, colon cleansing is where its at. With a cleansed colon you can speed up your detoxing, gain so much more energy, piece of mind, I could go on and on. It was great to do today, I immediately experienced more energy. I also got really excited to eat!
Today I've had:

2 mugs mate with raw honey
1 tall glass of Green Smoothie (this is for 2 servings): 4 org. bananas, 4 large org. kale leaves, a small handful of org. dates, 3 cups filtered water, 2 Tbs maca powder, 2 pinches himalayan salt, 1 tbs hemp seeds. Blend until smooth. Tip-if you dont have a high-powered blender, then you need to chop everything up as much as you can so the smoothie is extra smooth!
WATER-sprinkled with a little MSM powder
Some oil-cured olives
1 big local carrot
Big Salad: Org. spinach, org. kale, org. alfalfa sprouts, kim chi, soaked org. wakame seaweed, 1/2 small org. avocado, org. pine nuts, org. cold pressed olive oil and himalayan salt.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 1

Time for a change! Doing a strict raw food cleanse for one week starting today. I was feeling ready to take this on and like I wanted cleanse my body. So here we go! Please feel free to comment here and ask whatever questions you have!

2 mugs mate tea with a little raw honey--no not raw, but I love the anti-oxident boost. I may replace this with another herbal tea for the rest of the week.
1 org. apple
1 org. banana w/ 2T raw org. cashew butter
1 fresh org. veggie juice: beat, spinach, lemon, apple, ginger
Salad: organic spinach, organic alfalfa sprouts, some mild white kim chi, soaked wakame seaweed, cold-pressed olive oil and topped with pine nuts and himalayan salt!
Extra helping of kim chi with pine nuts---awesome combo!
LOTS of water
2oz wheatgrass juice
1 green GTs kombucha
Green soup (I didnt like mine, so Im giving you a recipe that I do like by Ariel Gold!): 1 packed cup chopped spinach, 1/2 medium cucumber chopped, 1/2 filtered water, 1 Tbs chopped basil, 1 Tbs miso, 1 Tbs himalayan salt, 1 green onion chopped, 1/2 avocado. Blend all ingredients except avocado until smooth, add avocado and finish blending. In the soup I added kelp noodles and wakame seaweed.
1 mug dandelion root tea

**All in all today was definitely an adjustment. Before today I have been eating moderately healthy food that was just easy. A lot of gluten-free toast! I also have not done any kind of cleanse for quite sometime so the effects of detoxing felt pretty strong today. I felt hungry this afternoon and a little tired, both effects of detoxing so I will not let that deter me. I am going to get in bed early tonight and possibly give myself an enema in the morning... to assist my body is getting rid of toxins. Please feel free to ask questions about this, its a big topic!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dealing With Crises/Our Bag Shortage

Something that we have noticed while running a small business is that issues come up ALL of the time. This is life, right? There is always something you need to deal with. It is the WAY that you can deal with these issues that effects your life as a whole. When something comes your way are you going to run away, avoid or get angry? Or are you going to stand in the face of it and DO something about it? I truly believe that you are taking your life by the horns when you can stand in the face of fear and make a change. With a lot of practice with this, issues don't occur as issues. Your life is just happening.

I re-learned this in the past week when we came up on a serious problem. Here's what happened: We have put a down-payment on a packaging machine. We are so excited about this because it will help us SO much with production for about a hundred reasons. Our new packaging, which we are in love with, requires some lead time to order so it can be printed. With the packaging machine, we will need to order packaging in a different format to fit on the machine, rather than in the bag form that you see in the stores. We thought that we would have our packaging machine by now, honestly. We had been putting off ordering new bags in hopes that we could start ordering the new format and not spend money on bags we didn't need. Needless to say, the machine is not here, we waited too long and after a few large orders came in, we really needed bags. With a rushed order from the bag people, it looks like we wont have bags until the first weeks in March. So we're out of bags people! Ian and I did not take this news lightly. We got angry and tried to blame as many other people as possible. What we have to do now is put stickers on bags once again, the old school way. It requires some more work and it doesn't LOOK as good (to me).

After too many hours of frustration, we moved from having a problem into action. We are producing clear bags that have stickers on them for two weeks. And that's it. No more emotions making it mean anything more than it is. You might see clear bags on the shelf but it is the same quality, same brand, same commitment (yes, they are still compostable!). So now I am telling all of you and all of our distributors instead of being embarrassed or anything like that. Moving forward, powerfully.
Where in your life have your turned a major "problem" into some powerful action?

Thank you for your support,

7 Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

Especially here in the northeast, the "winter blues" are common. This winter has been quite mild but it is still winter. Many people suffer from seasonal depression and general malaise during this season, but that doesnt mean you have to! Below are a few tips that work for me and I invite you to try them out. Please note that I am not a doctor, this is completely based on my educated opinions and experience!

*1. Stay Active*: Commit to doing at LEAST 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 a week. Exercise revs your endorphins, cleanses your skin, gives you a ton of energy and keeps you WARM!

*2. Get Outside*: Even if the weather is yucky, getting some light on you is so important. Make a reason to go for a short walk or run everyday. Even if its a walk around your house or block a few times. There is nothing more invigorating that a bundled up winter walk or run! The reminder of the outdoors does a lot of good for the mind as well!

*3. Eat Your Greens*: Often we forget about greens in the winter. We gravitate to more hearty food and start to miss out on the nutrients that greens give us. Try to incorporate greens wherever you can. Blend kale into a breakfast smoothie, get shots of wheatgrass whenever you can, add a handful of chopped raw greens to your bowl of soup, turn an entree dish into a salad entree or have a dark leafy green salad before your meal. Your body will thank you.

*4. Take Vitamin D3*: I have always been wary of this in the past, but I am taking vitamin D3 on the regular now and I have noticed a significant difference in my mood, brain power and energy. I highly recommend it! Even if we get outside in the winter, we are still missing out on lots of light. Supporting your body with the vitamin D its missing, just makes sense.

*5. Cozy-Up*: Getting outside is very important in the winter, but there is also a lot to take advantage of inside. I notice that I am naturally not as social in the winter, I am home more. Take that time to catch up on rest, books, movies, craft projects, cooking and self-care.

*6. Exfoliate/Moisturize*: Taking care of your skin in the winter is such a treat. In the past, I used to think that having dry skin was something that I had to "deal" with in the winter. I associated winter with dry skin, yuck! I have now found ways to combat dry skin and it feels SO great. There is something special about the act of taking care of your skin that feels so luxurious and special. Exfoliate on a regular basis, everyday if you can. I use a sugar scrub with essential oils that I really love. There are also many DIY videos out there on how to make your own! Moisturize with a heavier lotion than usual. I have been using a shea butter blend that has been working very well for me.

*7. Break Habits*: I find that I lose inspiration in the winter. I get in the pattern of my day and find that I am doing the same things over and over, same food, clothes, activities, blah! Breaking patterns gives us energy and inspiration. Try a new workout on a regular basis, wear fun and special outfits for no reason, learn a new skill, cook a new meal, spontaneously go to the movies by yourself--anything! Find the areas where you feel bored and try something new! I promise it will make the winter a BLAST!

Hudson News Locations

We have the honor of having Hudson News as one of our current customers! What a beautiful thing to provide healthy food at the airports...In the past I have always associated travel with gross food, so I have always brought my own. Now times are changing and more and more airports are offering healthy options.
See a list of the Hudson News locations we are in as of late below. If you happen to be traveling, see if you can spot them. Also, we LOVE seeing PICTURES!

Philadelphia, PA - Terminal A West

Cincinnati, OH

Burlington, VT

Atlantic City, NJ

Rochester, NY

Omaha, NE

Nashville, TN

Greenville, SC

Charleston, SC

San Francisco, CA

Miami, FL

Orlando, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Boston, MA-Terminal C

Safe travels and Happy Thursday,

Adventures in Granola

December was one of our craziest months ever. A little while ago we got an email from a woman who worked for Home Goods (yes, the furniture store) and expressed interest in carrying our granola in their gourmet food section. I was very excited about the prospect and passed her info on and let the process begin. We have had a lot of exciting prospects during the course of our, still, young business. Many of them have worked out while the others do not. At first, I experienced this as a let down and thought perhaps Ian and I had done something wrong to compromise an opportunity. Now, I realize that opportunities ALWAYS come. The ones that work out come at the most appropriate time and the others are just not for NOW. I think this can be said with a lot of decisions we make in our lives, no?
So the Home Goods idea was exciting, but I didnt think much about it until we got a call from our broker, explaining that we were moving forward. Home Goods is all over the country and we had no idea what to expect. After almost a month of presentations on their end and negotiations with our broker, an order was placed. This was unlike any order that we have ever gotten. The total weight of the order was about one TON. Yes, like the weight of a car. Because they had discovered us while we were still packaging our granola in bags, they wanted to try half new packaging and half old. When we learned this, Ian and I were in shock. We dont even make that much granola in a month, let alone one week, which they requested. There was no way. We immediately asked for two weeks and stayed in the kitchen to make granola.
For the two weeks following we spent every day packaging and making granola. We worked 16 hour days, went home only to sleep and got up to keep going. We begged pretty much anyone who could help to come in including our friends and family.
Just yesterday the last of the pallets went out and it was such a relief. During these past few weeks, we grew so fast. Not only did we have to design some new methods in the kitchen on how to do things more efficiently but we really got to look at the size of our business in perspective. If we want to keep growing, we're going to need to be able to fulfill some really serious orders (without working 16 hour days!). We are now starting to make plans for the future on what that could look like. Taking on this order was bigger than anything that Emmy's has ever taken on and it is proof that anything is possible. We are looking forward to 2012 and where our growth will take us. If you are near the Connecticut, Indiana or California regions of Home Goods, please go check for our granola.
Thank you for taking this journey with us.
May this be all of our best years yet!!!