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Friday, February 24, 2012

Raw Food Cleanse Day 2

Feeling pretty good today! Woke up and gave myself an enema. Yes people, colon cleansing is where its at. With a cleansed colon you can speed up your detoxing, gain so much more energy, piece of mind, I could go on and on. It was great to do today, I immediately experienced more energy. I also got really excited to eat!
Today I've had:

2 mugs mate with raw honey
1 tall glass of Green Smoothie (this is for 2 servings): 4 org. bananas, 4 large org. kale leaves, a small handful of org. dates, 3 cups filtered water, 2 Tbs maca powder, 2 pinches himalayan salt, 1 tbs hemp seeds. Blend until smooth. Tip-if you dont have a high-powered blender, then you need to chop everything up as much as you can so the smoothie is extra smooth!
WATER-sprinkled with a little MSM powder
Some oil-cured olives
1 big local carrot
Big Salad: Org. spinach, org. kale, org. alfalfa sprouts, kim chi, soaked org. wakame seaweed, 1/2 small org. avocado, org. pine nuts, org. cold pressed olive oil and himalayan salt.

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