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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dealing With Crises/Our Bag Shortage

Something that we have noticed while running a small business is that issues come up ALL of the time. This is life, right? There is always something you need to deal with. It is the WAY that you can deal with these issues that effects your life as a whole. When something comes your way are you going to run away, avoid or get angry? Or are you going to stand in the face of it and DO something about it? I truly believe that you are taking your life by the horns when you can stand in the face of fear and make a change. With a lot of practice with this, issues don't occur as issues. Your life is just happening.

I re-learned this in the past week when we came up on a serious problem. Here's what happened: We have put a down-payment on a packaging machine. We are so excited about this because it will help us SO much with production for about a hundred reasons. Our new packaging, which we are in love with, requires some lead time to order so it can be printed. With the packaging machine, we will need to order packaging in a different format to fit on the machine, rather than in the bag form that you see in the stores. We thought that we would have our packaging machine by now, honestly. We had been putting off ordering new bags in hopes that we could start ordering the new format and not spend money on bags we didn't need. Needless to say, the machine is not here, we waited too long and after a few large orders came in, we really needed bags. With a rushed order from the bag people, it looks like we wont have bags until the first weeks in March. So we're out of bags people! Ian and I did not take this news lightly. We got angry and tried to blame as many other people as possible. What we have to do now is put stickers on bags once again, the old school way. It requires some more work and it doesn't LOOK as good (to me).

After too many hours of frustration, we moved from having a problem into action. We are producing clear bags that have stickers on them for two weeks. And that's it. No more emotions making it mean anything more than it is. You might see clear bags on the shelf but it is the same quality, same brand, same commitment (yes, they are still compostable!). So now I am telling all of you and all of our distributors instead of being embarrassed or anything like that. Moving forward, powerfully.
Where in your life have your turned a major "problem" into some powerful action?

Thank you for your support,

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