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Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures in Granola

December was one of our craziest months ever. A little while ago we got an email from a woman who worked for Home Goods (yes, the furniture store) and expressed interest in carrying our granola in their gourmet food section. I was very excited about the prospect and passed her info on and let the process begin. We have had a lot of exciting prospects during the course of our, still, young business. Many of them have worked out while the others do not. At first, I experienced this as a let down and thought perhaps Ian and I had done something wrong to compromise an opportunity. Now, I realize that opportunities ALWAYS come. The ones that work out come at the most appropriate time and the others are just not for NOW. I think this can be said with a lot of decisions we make in our lives, no?
So the Home Goods idea was exciting, but I didnt think much about it until we got a call from our broker, explaining that we were moving forward. Home Goods is all over the country and we had no idea what to expect. After almost a month of presentations on their end and negotiations with our broker, an order was placed. This was unlike any order that we have ever gotten. The total weight of the order was about one TON. Yes, like the weight of a car. Because they had discovered us while we were still packaging our granola in bags, they wanted to try half new packaging and half old. When we learned this, Ian and I were in shock. We dont even make that much granola in a month, let alone one week, which they requested. There was no way. We immediately asked for two weeks and stayed in the kitchen to make granola.
For the two weeks following we spent every day packaging and making granola. We worked 16 hour days, went home only to sleep and got up to keep going. We begged pretty much anyone who could help to come in including our friends and family.
Just yesterday the last of the pallets went out and it was such a relief. During these past few weeks, we grew so fast. Not only did we have to design some new methods in the kitchen on how to do things more efficiently but we really got to look at the size of our business in perspective. If we want to keep growing, we're going to need to be able to fulfill some really serious orders (without working 16 hour days!). We are now starting to make plans for the future on what that could look like. Taking on this order was bigger than anything that Emmy's has ever taken on and it is proof that anything is possible. We are looking forward to 2012 and where our growth will take us. If you are near the Connecticut, Indiana or California regions of Home Goods, please go check for our granola.
Thank you for taking this journey with us.
May this be all of our best years yet!!!

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