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Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

Especially here in the northeast, the "winter blues" are common. This winter has been quite mild but it is still winter. Many people suffer from seasonal depression and general malaise during this season, but that doesnt mean you have to! Below are a few tips that work for me and I invite you to try them out. Please note that I am not a doctor, this is completely based on my educated opinions and experience!

*1. Stay Active*: Commit to doing at LEAST 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 a week. Exercise revs your endorphins, cleanses your skin, gives you a ton of energy and keeps you WARM!

*2. Get Outside*: Even if the weather is yucky, getting some light on you is so important. Make a reason to go for a short walk or run everyday. Even if its a walk around your house or block a few times. There is nothing more invigorating that a bundled up winter walk or run! The reminder of the outdoors does a lot of good for the mind as well!

*3. Eat Your Greens*: Often we forget about greens in the winter. We gravitate to more hearty food and start to miss out on the nutrients that greens give us. Try to incorporate greens wherever you can. Blend kale into a breakfast smoothie, get shots of wheatgrass whenever you can, add a handful of chopped raw greens to your bowl of soup, turn an entree dish into a salad entree or have a dark leafy green salad before your meal. Your body will thank you.

*4. Take Vitamin D3*: I have always been wary of this in the past, but I am taking vitamin D3 on the regular now and I have noticed a significant difference in my mood, brain power and energy. I highly recommend it! Even if we get outside in the winter, we are still missing out on lots of light. Supporting your body with the vitamin D its missing, just makes sense.

*5. Cozy-Up*: Getting outside is very important in the winter, but there is also a lot to take advantage of inside. I notice that I am naturally not as social in the winter, I am home more. Take that time to catch up on rest, books, movies, craft projects, cooking and self-care.

*6. Exfoliate/Moisturize*: Taking care of your skin in the winter is such a treat. In the past, I used to think that having dry skin was something that I had to "deal" with in the winter. I associated winter with dry skin, yuck! I have now found ways to combat dry skin and it feels SO great. There is something special about the act of taking care of your skin that feels so luxurious and special. Exfoliate on a regular basis, everyday if you can. I use a sugar scrub with essential oils that I really love. There are also many DIY videos out there on how to make your own! Moisturize with a heavier lotion than usual. I have been using a shea butter blend that has been working very well for me.

*7. Break Habits*: I find that I lose inspiration in the winter. I get in the pattern of my day and find that I am doing the same things over and over, same food, clothes, activities, blah! Breaking patterns gives us energy and inspiration. Try a new workout on a regular basis, wear fun and special outfits for no reason, learn a new skill, cook a new meal, spontaneously go to the movies by yourself--anything! Find the areas where you feel bored and try something new! I promise it will make the winter a BLAST!

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