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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

End of Summer

Wow, it's amazing how fast it went by. The cooler air rushing in sure is a reminder that fall is coming. Both Ian and I had a small break in life/work with two different ailments: me with lymes disease and Ian with a fractured foot. I've got to give a big shout out to our employees, Kara and Daniel, who held it down on the days when BOTH Ian and I couldn't come in. Its an amazing feeling to have such loyal, pro-active and reliable people working with you. The end of the summer is always a little bit slower for us. Its a really nice time to work on our side projects! We recently moved our office up above our kitchen. Incase you didnt see our picture on facebook, its a beautiful bright orange and it has a window! Its a really nice shift from the other office which was beginning to feel very dark. At first I thought it was weird to be so separated from the kitchen, but now I am finding a lot of peace up here. I look forward to getting a lot done in this space!
After starting our new packaging project in January, we have finally completed our designs and they are now in process to get printed and shipped. The only bummer is that we have to wait until October for the delivery. I promise you, they are gorgeous!! We will not be revealing the designs until we get them in, so hold tight!! This is a true re-creation for our company and I am very excited to see what the reaction will be. Our website is still underway...I am predicting we will be launching it in the next two weeks. Lots of new features and ways that we can express who we are as a company and all of the things we make!! Yes.
It feels really good to be making this progress. I feel like we are constantly re-inventing the ways that we do things, but changing the image is going to be really new and refreshing. To me, this change represents how we can recreate ourselves in any moment, choose to do something differently. We do not need to be stuck in one way. This idea has been on my mind lately. I realized that being able to re-invent yourself: your views, your look, anything about you, is how we stay inspired and stay "in the game." There have been days here where I feel as though I have lost interest or enthusiasm. Usually when that happens, I have to take a look at myself and see where I am not re-inventing my work here or my inspiration outside of my work here. So I recreate who I am for this company on a day to day basis. There are days when I take on that I am the company marketing person and that's who I am for the day. The next day I am a secretary, an office decorator, a bookkeeper, the list goes on. This keeps me excited and inspired to keep growing what we have started and I've got to say, it really works. This idea applies to pretty much any area of life. Like, exercising! I know there are people out there who just lose interest, get bored of their workout routine and fall back into unhealthy habits. I admit this is me too! But when I re-invent what I am doing and how I am doing it, I get inspired again. Say one week, I take on lots of yoga. Another week, I take on running. Or the next is a combination. You get to say what inspires you and how you will take on whatever game you are playing. Do you have something in your life that resembles this? Some part of your life that just "fizzles?" Feel free to share here and how you take on getting past the "fizzle."
I want to thank and acknowledge you for supporting what we are doing! It cannot be done without a community of people believing in what you're doing. Thank you for believing in us. Also, thank you so much to all of the people who helped us reach over 1,000 facebook fans this month!! Wow. That was a goal that we were dreaming about! Thats so many people!!!!
Stay tuned for the next update.
Lots of Love and Well Being to you.