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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Gift of Community

I am still in shock about this one: We met two new friends at the Farmer's Market a week and a half ago. Their names are Rhea and Thom. They got to know us through Ian's celebrity brother Conor. We got to talk to them for a while and of course, we were close friends in about five minutes! They purchased some of our stuff and went home. The next morning, I got a missed call at the office from Thom and then he called again. He had so much energy in his voice and he was talking about so many amazing ideas about how he wants to demo our products and how he and Rhea are going to get Emmy's into Wegmans (our local supermarket chain which now has 80 stores in the northeast). Of course, I am really excited too because we have tried on numerous occasions to get into Wegmans and have not been successful thus far. I had no idea what they were going to do, but I knew it was going to be amazing because of their enthusiasm and heart about the whole situation. They were also making a game out of it, making it fun and playful. So here's what they did: Rhea, who is a beautiful and powerful writer(check out her Blog: The Road is Life), wrote three letters. Each of these expresses a different "argument" or point of view on why Emmy's belongs in the Wegmans stores. They are the most amazing letters, I got teary-eyed when I read them. They all have a place where people can sign and then the idea is to send them in to the corporate office. Not only this, but they started taking the letters to their respective areas of work, to their families, friends, everyone and started the SUPPORT EMMY'S ORGANICS: WHERE FOOD AND LOVE MEET Campaign.
As I said, still in shock. Still just amazed by the power of community and what we are capable of. Still amazed that these two people are so inspired and enthusiastic about what we do, that they are playing this huge game FOR us. I guess following your dreams is contagious! Wow. Thank you so much, Rhea and Thom and thank all of you-because we wouldnt be here, having a campaign made to support us, without you! I ask that you check out the campaign above and check out all of the options on how you can help us get into Wegmans. A little bit goes a long way.
Love and Gratitude,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Showing Up

We (as always) have a lot going on! Just this past week alone, went by so fast and we accomplished a lot. We moved into our new place (home), I did a demo in New Jersey and we started our season at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. I am still looking back thinking, "how did that all happen?"
I had a great demo experience and learned a lot. The first part of my demo day was with the employees of the store. This all went down at the Whole Foods in Edgewater, NJ. My Father (and demo assistant for the day!) and I presented a collection of macaroons in an upstairs conference room for the employees with a few other companies. This was a really cool opportunity. I got to share about our company and educate them a little bit about us. I brought a basket of Emmy's pins and handed them out for them to wear on their uniforms. The rest of the day was spent doing a customer demo in the store. Also, very cool. I love talking to people about their food choices and why they love certain products. I learned the most from some of the other people doing demos though. A lot of larger companies hire outside companies or create new branches that only do demos. It's smart: people try your product and then they buy it. More sales=bigger growth and opportunities. I have always thought that we could only do a demo if we were to personally do it, but I am starting to feel differently. One of the demo people told me that a certain successful snack company multiplied their demo budget by $100,000 the same year they blew up big time. This was super inspiring and we will be scheduling a lot more this year (maybe not multiplying by $100,000 just yet)! I will make sure to update our facebook page on when they will be so check for stores in your area.
Our first farmer's market day was on Sunday. Ian and I realized that it's so important for us to be there. We feel that being at the market is a way for us to fully be with our community, hear what it has to say and have fun with it!! We also get to make money, which builds our business. It's a win-win. There were a few days last year when we got overwhelmed and would skip the market. This year, we (or a special back up guest!) will be there every Sunday from now until September, so you know you can always find us there! Our booths change every week, so we will be posting that on facebook every Sunday morning. Please come see us, we have a new display this year that's beautiful and much easier to carry! Just as I wrote this, I remembered when we took about twice as much in number and weight to the market and we would take everything up and down the stairs to our basement kitchen. We sure have taken on "work smarter, not harder" in so many ways and we continue to take on that practice.
I recently saw a TED talk featuring Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love." Watch HERE. She talked about how she has shifted her view of the word "genius." She used to think that only certain people WERE geniuses, but lately from research and self discovery she has realized that genius is something that we all have and it comes and goes. The most inspiring part for me was when she said that when creators feel daunted when they feel as though their genius is gone, they need to keep doing the work. Keep showing up and your genius will show up again. You do your part and your genius will come. I can absolutely see how this has shown up for Emmy's. Ever since day one, we have treated this business like the real thing. We would wake up every morning and show up even if we didnt have a lot of orders, equipment or money. Because of this, we have had those moments of genius, where the work just pours out and all of a sudden so much has been accomplished. Other times, we continue to work and the genius doesnt show up, it feels "harder," but we still do it anyway. Needless to say we have shown up and I am so proud of us. This also reminds me of a Landmark Education distinction "Be Your Word." If you continue to be your word, in every area of your life, you will see amazing results. This gives your words power, so next time you say "I am going to make a million dollars," you better look out. But this takes showing up and doing your work too. Every time you say, "Ill call you later," and you dont, you are not being your word. Try to think of every little area where you are not being your word and clean it up. Call someone back and say "sorry for not calling you back" "sorry I came five minutes late." It takes something, it feels annoying sometimes, but the more you show up, the more magical results you will see.
Today I am taking on a 10 day master cleanse/juice feast! What are you taking on today?
Thank you for continuing to follow our journey. YOU are what makes this all possible.
I love you,