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Monday, April 11, 2011

New Direction

After four months of working to get our Organic Certification, we have made a choice to not get it! There is no regret for me. We shaped up our kitchen big time and our practices are much more professional. The process allowed us to raise the bar.
After calculating the percentages that each ingredient makes up in our products, we found that the macaroons are 96% organic. This is enough to get you that seal that everyone recognizes. What we found out last week is that if one of the ingredients that you use that is not organic is something that you can source as organic, you are unable to get certified. This applies to us, unfortunately. The almond meal that we use is a non-gmo almond meal that is produced is a facility that only handles almonds. We love the consistency. We looked into getting organic almond meal and found that the consistency was not the same. In addition, the price is twice as much. We would be forced to raise our prices and change the texture of our product. Is it worth it? I dont think so. Do you? We wanted to get this certification so our products might appeal to people who shop for the USDA seal. In the end though, I think that people can already recognize that we are committed to quality and organics by reading the list of ingredients on our packages. There is another certification available which is non-gmo and we are going to take that route instead for now.
In other news, we will be offering a spring fudge special. We make amazing fudge and like to sell it for special occasions. It should be up on our website tomorrow, so check back with us. Also, are you following us on facebook? We are pretty active there and we would love for you to join our fan page. Click HERE if you're a yes!!
A special thank you goes out to all of the people who took our survey! It was an awesome experience to get to know you. Thank you for making a difference for us. We are going to keep the survey up there to keep collecting this great information. Always feel free to share on our blog too! We love hearing from you!
We feel really good about our packaging re-design and we are moving forward! Cant wait to see the first draft from our designer!
That's all for now.
all love,

p.s. We got that house that I wanted to rent and we're moving next month!