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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Believe it!

Hey Everyone!
There are so many things I want to say, I apologize if I am jumbled! So much is going on here, it is very exciting. This week so far, we had our second employee, Nis, start work, we got a bigger mixer, we got a lead for a distributor that may get us into WEGMANS and we are getting a lot done for our organic certification. It's only Wednesday!
Nis is doing awesome, it's such a cool experience to teach methods that have been so natural to us for so long to someone else. It is just perfect timing in many ways. I notice that the more we grow, the more I am needed to be doing office work. Since the macaroon machine is working, Ian is doing all of the macaroon production and I help out from time to time. Now, Nis will be doing production three days of the week which will put Ian and I managing the production work. Wow! I can continue to focus on the office and Ian will be able to work in here too. Together we can explore various ways to increase sales and follow through efficiently. It will be an awesome shift for us and help us grow.
Juliana, our food safety expert, has encouraged us to start documenting EVERYTHING!! All of those little methods that we have been doing. This includes the methods that we use to train new people, how we wash everything, what we do if there is a malfunction in the kitchen, job descriptions, etc. etc. etc. We need all of this documentation to get certified plus SO much more than what I listed...they want EVERYTHING IN WRITING!! It's crazy and tedious. Although it feels like we've been putting things together forever (which is really not true), I am very aware of how all of this documentation is adding value to our business. It's not just the organic certification that will add value. It's all of the processes being documented and implemented and keeping clean financial books. I am learning that implementing unique processes and being able to teach them to anyone is extremely valuable. I am so grateful for Juliana pushing us to get all of this together.
I dont care if this is premature, but our amazing broker, Todd, had us send samples to a distribution company in Syracuse. He called us on Monday and let us know that the company LOVED us. Not only that but that this company is very closely connected to Wegmans, not just the ones in upstate New York, ALL of them. There are 77. I am so excited!! We sent out a ton of samples that they requested to show to Wegmans. There is a process ahead, I am sure, but I am feeling confident that Wegmans will fall in love with us. We have tried to get in on three other occasions. This is the one!!! I request that you think good Wegmans ju ju for us. Feel free to say affirmative statements such as "I cant wait to buy Emmy's at Wegmans!" or "I want Emmy's, let's go to Wegmans." Whatever you like!! I will keep you in the loop!
Valentines Day is on the way. We are still selling our amazing Goji Love gift bag on the website: http://www.emmysorganics.com/valentines-day/. We've been selling quite a few! I am so warmed by all of the direct online orders that we've been getting. What an honor to be creating something that people love!
Our design process is underway! We are supposed to get some initial ideas from our designer in the next two weeks! Exciting! Also, we are having new nutritional labels and allergen statements done and those are almost complete!!
In other news, our trip to California is less than a month away. I am so looking forward to the sunshine and inspiration. I really cannot wait. The winter has been long and a little break will be so rejuvenating!
Thank you for creating us as a success!! You are making such a difference us...I could just hug you!
I love you,

P.S. I am very excited to offer our first Emmy's newsletter! I have been wanting to do this for quite a while! Now, you can receive updates, news and discounts right to your email box! Please follow this LINK, sign up and join us.