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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why We Changed Our Bank

A few people have asked questions about why we changed out bank from the Bank of America to our local bank, Tompkins Trust Company. Well its pretty simple. After doing a little research we realized that keeping our money at the BOA was not what we are about. Though we import almost all of our ingredients from other places, we still believe in contributing to our local economy as much as we can. By keeping our money with the Bank of America, our business' money is circulating amongst Wall Street banks and potentially risky investments. By keeping our money more local, our money is circulating to other local businesses and strengthening our local economy. Yes, I have already noticed that there certain fancy features that are not offered on our new bank's online service. But, I am willing to give this up for now knowing that I can see more of an impact of where our money is going.
Perhaps it is nice to know that when you purchase some of our products, a fraction of your money is going to some real people (us) and a community of people doing some really great things (Ithaca pride, right here!). There are a lot of choices to make when you are running a business and "doing the right thing" often comes up. I would like to think that our hearts are in the right place and that we continue to make choices that are both best for our business and our community.
I found this website very helpful, incase you are interested in learning more: Move Your Money.
Thank you for your support.
It is because of you that any of this is possible.

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