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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Blog About Teeny

Teeny and I went to college together at Ithaca College. She was an acting major while I studied Theatre Management and Dance. Though we both have a strong affinity for the arts, our paths have taken us to another passion: food.
When Teeny shared with me about her true passion for pie-baking and that her dream was to learn the craft and eventually open a pie shop, I couldnt help but recognize that feeling that Ian and I had almost three years ago about following our dreams to share our food with the world. A few months ago, Teeny quit her job and is now taking her dreams into her own hands!! Her business is called, Teeny Pies (appropriately). She is embarking on what she calls the "Tour of Pie," where she is visiting a different bakery every month, apprenticing, learning the craft of pie-baking and small business. Her goal to is be on tour for an entire year!! Being without a paying job now, she is going to places where she has friends to stay and has also created an indie go go campaign, Tour of Pie, to help her along the way.
We had the pleasure of hosting Teeny at our house and at the kitchen during the month of October. It was so great to have her and to watch her in action! How could you not support someone following their dreams and putting themselves out on a limb?? Help make Teeny Pies come to fruition.
Please check out Teeny's campaign, Tour of Pie and contribute!
Also, check out her facebook fan page and her tumbler page, they are really fun to look at!!
See you next time!

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