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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hi Everyone,
We are having a very exciting summer. We have been plugging away at a few projects and completion is in sight! Our packaging designs are complete and we are now just waiting for the finals of our new nutrition labels to put on them. They are just lovely! We have also been working on a new website. We are not 100% satisfied with what we've got because we have had customers who have not been able to load all of the pages. Also, we are improving our online store, big time. Right now when you purchase something it takes you right to paypal to put it in your cart. On our new site, you can add to cart easily and only do the checkout at the very end. Does that make sense? Is this too dorky to share? Oh well.
Just two weekends ago we had the privilege of vending at the band, Phish's, Superball IX in Watkins Glen, NY. Their production team tries to support local businesses wherever they go, so they set up a separate Farmer's Market for local producers whenever they throw a festival. The opportunity was huge because the location of the market was amazing and we were able to bring a car, have camping space and see the shows. The only problem was that I had four family members coming into town that weekend already! I quickly asked on facebook if any of my friends would be willing and almost immediately my friend Kate said that her and another friend Alex were totally in. They were driving up from the city Thursday night so Ian and I brought a trailer out to the festival and set up our booth and a tent for the ladies. The energy was amazing there!! Not only was it in such a beautiful spot but the people were so excited to be there. Festy-goers galore. To get ready for the festival with product we came up with a few really fun ideas. In addition to our main line of products we offered two flavors of trail mix, sprouted and flavored seeds, a variety of nut butters and brought out are newest flavors of granola. To highlight our nut butters and chocolate sauce we decided to bring some fruit with us. My friend Cody and I went out and picked 15 lbs of organic strawberries and Ian and I went to Wegmans (this is our local grocery store) at 12am the night before and bought 90lbs of organic bananas. Kate and Alex are at the festival, they are all set up, I am showing my family around Ithaca and I get a call after only two hours of the festival, "we are almost completely out of fruit." TWO HOURS! I apologized to my family and made the trip to Wegmans again. This time for the strawberries (no time to pick!) and twice as many bananas. Ian and I borrowed my Dad's car and ran the fruit out. They were stocked. Needless to say, this happened every day of the festival. Our products were selling pretty well but no other vendor at the festival had fresh fruit!! So we sold a lot of fruit. A LOT! Kate and Alex did not know what they were in for. They put in three long, hard days selling our products, schmoozing with customers and doing a lot of heavy lifting. We could have not asked for more perfect festy-salesladies. Thank you, you two. My family weekend did not go as planned, but it was still a lot of fun with the time we had together. See the picture above and check out Kate looking sassy in the Emmy's booth! I would also like to give a shout out to local Ithacan artist Meghan Wood, who painted that amazing backdrop. We love it so much.
Because of the success of the festival and our new products, we are moving forward with them and offering them on our website and to local stores. Check them out, we've really got the summer (and probably other seasons) snacks down!
Upcoming is the Natural Products Show East in Baltimore as well as the Vegetarian Expo in Albany in October. Also, Ian is going on another motorcycle trip next month. Ill keep you posted on that!
Thank you for supporting us and what we do. It is not possible without YOU.

p.s. I wanted to share a fun recipe that evolved at home the other night. Ian bought me a soda-maker for my birthday so I could make seltzer instead of buying it. It is a really fun tool! I made a homemade gingerberry soda float for dessert one night. Check it out:

3 parts pure organic blueberry juice
1 part seltzer
splash of ginger juice (I juiced this myself with our juicer)
two scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream (my favorite is the "vanilla island" from coconut bliss)
top with berries

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