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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heading to Spring..

Outside of Emmy's, I am trying to let go of some attachment I am feeling for a house for Ian and I to rent. We just saw it and there are other people who have already applied to live there. Nothing is settled, so I am taking some deep breaths to let whatever will happen, happen.
Inside of Emmy's is quite bustling. Our trip to California was a huge success! We had a great helper and fun companion with us at the expo, Conor Gaffney, the greatest older brother a person could ask for. He helped us try all of the new vegan goodies and we all got inspired by the packaging. What we took back from the Expo was the new material that our new packaging will be made of! It's a gorgeous, home-compostable material that you can print on! Yes! This will give us so much more space to express our company on our packaging. There is another exciting tidbit that I cannot fully share at this point. BUT, I will reveal that we will be testing out a new ingredient in ALL of our products! When it's finalized, I will share, but for now it isa secret. We are also going to be exhibiting at the East Coast Expo in September! This will be a whole new project to take on!
We have been working really hard on the organic certification, our new packaging, testing some new products (ooo!!), keeping our kitchen efficient, choosing if we want to re-do our website and keeping up with orders. The design process has been really challenging, I find myself getting stuck because I am afraid of make the "wrong" choice and ruin everything! The fact that we are paying money for this and we are basically re-creating our image feels like a major move. I can see that both Ian and I are a little timid. In response to this, we decided to create a survey, so we can better understand our customer. If you haven't taken it yet, please do! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J6L55W2. We are at about 66 responses and we are shooting for 100! This whole process has been great for us to sit back and think about what we are really committed to with this company and what message we want to be putting out there. What we know for sure is that we are committed to simplicity, ease and enjoyment. What is it that you are committed to? What is your life for? Your work for?
Ian celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday which Conor mentioned is his "saturn return" (if you follow astrology). This is supposed to be a period of major changes. Although it's not MY saturn return, I can absolutely see that changes are coming for Ian and Emmy's and therefore, me. Even possibly and new cool house...if it's meant to be!
We have also started a newsletter! This is a monthly or maybe bi-monthly email that you can get that will have a little update about us as well as some form of offer or deal at our online store. If you haven't signed up for that either, join us! http://emmysorganics.us2.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=e8f630a3e72c12f104167fa3f&id=38c31003e7.
Check out the pics above of Ian and I with health food celebrity, Patricia Bragg of BRAGGS liquid aminos, apple cider viegar, etc. As well as the brothers, Gaffney rocking out at the expo.
In this time of spring and new changes, it's really amazing to know of the support around us. Thank you for keeping up with us, for believing in us and for sharing us! You are the reason why this is possible. Thank YOU.
I love you,

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