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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hi Everyone!
Happy New Year! We are so excited for this upcoming year. I have been thinking a lot about all of our growth this past year and what happened. Some highlights to list are that we:

Went to our first expo
Got a new big mixer
Took out our first loan
Purchased our macaroon machine
Moved into our new space
Took on national distribution
Passed on our bag labeling to Challenge Industries
Created our Chocolate Chili macaroon flavor
Hired our first employee
Entered our SECOND Whole Foods Region
RE-Designed our Website
Purchased 3 large commercial dehydrators
Started our first campaign (its still going!)

These are just to name a few. There is a picture above of one of our new equipment purchases (provided by daniel k, packaging extraordinaire!). Who knows what 2011 will bring? I am excited about our new branding and packaging design project. Our campaign is going so well!! We have just over two weeks to collect $1738. I am so blown away by the support network that we have. We are both so grateful and excited every time someone contributes. Its a little celebration each time. What an honor, acknowledgement and awesome way to bring in the new year. Thank you for sharing, contributing and just being who you are!
Aside from the re-branding project that the campaign is supporting, I am looking forward to an awesome kitchen staff, west-coast distribution (being a NATION WIDE brand), some more trade shows, custom designed boxes to send to stores, organic certification, non-gmo certification, an Emmy's newsletter and new product pictures....to name a couple.
What are you creating for your 2011? Business or Personal? Share on the blog or send an email. Setting an intention for a day, month or year is a powerful tool. The more times you share your intentions with others the stronger the creation is. The more people you have "on board," the more of a support system you have of people who will keep you in the game. We support you and your intentions, just as you have done for us. Feel free to share them!!
I LOVE YOU. Happy New Year.

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lila Check said...

it sounds like you are having so much fun!
Fabulous b;log!