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Sunday, March 14, 2010

BIG Update!

(post by Samantha)

Wow, I cannot believe a month has gone by since the last post. SO much has happened and time is flying by. The biggest change to happen is that we are now selling our products through distributors (except in Ithaca, of course!). The change that comes along is huge. The past two weeks have been crazy and I think the easiest way for me to illustrate this is by making a list:

our batches are WAY bigger
we are buying way more ingredients (we ran out of coconut oil last week, so I had to drive to CT to go get some more!)
we bought two new 24-tray dehydrators
we had to buy our own shipping boxes (we recycled old ones until now, pretty good for a whole year!)
our office is outside of the kitchen now
our printer broke down
we figured out how to make 90 lbs of granola at once
we have had two weeks of 18-hour days
we are looking at a bigger space
we are selling our cheesecake by the slice
our local co-op, Greenstar, saves our butt when we run out of stuff (and sold us a great new work table)
we just had our first dinner at home in such a long time and it was great!
there was an article about us in the Ithaca Journal (thank you, Aaron!)
there was an article written about me in the Record Review (my hometown paper...thank you Jessica!)
i stopped wearing cute clothes to the kitchen
our orders have quadrupled (at the least)

Well thats the brief update. It is really important to me that our community knows what's going on. The past few weeks have been very intense and it is so easy for me to disappear!

The picture above is from the day that Ian and I drove to Pennsylvania to buy our new dehydrators and our shipping boxes. It was quite an adventure because on the way, my car broke down. Once we had it towed to one place, then another, and finally got it fixed, we arrived to get the boxes ten minutes before the warehouse was closing. We took a look at our order and realized that all of the boxes were not going to fit! We took about half the boxes so we could fit the dehydrators and had the rest shipped. We got home that night at about 1am, totally proud that we made it through our Pennsylvania adventure.
I will not be a stranger!
Thank you always for your support. It is because of our community that we have such success.
with love and gratitude,