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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paradise Health Fair

(post by Samantha)

Hi Everyone!
I would like to announce that Emmy's Organics will be doing a demo at the Paradise Health Fair at Nimble Fitness Studio (42 East 12 Street, NYC) this Sunday from 11am - 4pm. It is going to be an amazing event. There will be health representatives from all ends of the spectrum including yoga instructors, nurses and foodies. There are going to be prizes, giveaways (including free yoga classes, im finding those!). So come check us out.
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sun in Winter

(post by Samantha)

The winter is upon us here in Ithaca and Emmy's is as wonderful as ever. Not only has our Chocolate Sauce been featured in VegNews, but it was also featured in Gluten-Free Living as well. We had no idea. We sent them a sample of the sauce a long time ago. I kid you not, Ian and I were grocery shopping at our local co-op (Greenstar) and Ian just opened up the January issue of Gluten-Free Living to the page where our sauce was. It was so famous and cool!! Two magazines in one month! Who knew that it would be the chocolate sauce too!?? So funny.

Ian and I had the opportunity to go visit my father and step-mother in Florida a few weeks ago. They were staying on the west coast of Florida for two months this winter and there was no chance that we could pass up some family and sunshine time. Our real test was, could Emmy's run smoothly without us being there?? There was a ton of planning before our departure date. We got present to a couple of things that only we know how to do. This was such a wonderful practice for us to place things out of our hands. So with the help of Emmy, Marian and Mandy, we were able to take our very first trip away from the kitchen/office. It was wonderful.

Our trip was amazing. It was a little cold for a few days, but the sun was shining and that was all that mattered. We were able to research some new store possibilities and Ian made calls and got us in to the rest of the Fairway Markets in NYC! My dad connected us to a grocery buyer in Florida at a store called Baileys (thanks Dad!). We also got a ton of orders while we were gone. We should go away more!! We know what we need to change so that going away will be even smoother next time. It was so nice to come home with a little sun and a fully functioning kitchen!

Anyway, we are moving around the office again! Making room for more things. There should be rumors spreading about a new product next month. I have NO idea what it could be!!

Thank you for reading this blog! I love writing and updating you on this crazy, fulfilling and fun adventure that is Emmy's Organics. Make sure to check out our website and store for specials and new products. http://www.etsy.com/shop/emmysorganics
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Thank you again!
With love,

Sunday, January 3, 2010


(post by Samantha)

Well we got some major fame this month with a featured product pick in VegNews Magazine. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be in there. What an awesome way to start off the new year! Thank you to Nydia Williams who took the beautiful picture! Go pick up a copy and check it out!