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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Campaign

Hey Everyone! We have launched our very first campaign to raise money to re-brand Emmy's Organics. What a cool experience it has been so far. Ian's brother, Conor, recently used the "online campaign" method to raise money for his band (the makepeace brothers). They had so much success that we thought it would be a perfect idea to raise funds for this project we have been planning over the past two months. Conor was in town visiting to screen his film (may i be frank), and helped us create a great video with our pitch. Thank you, Conor!
I ask that you, too, contribute to our campaign. Click above, check out our pitch, watch the video and pick out some fun gifts you will receive in return for your donation.
We are loving that this has become a community project! Even if you can contribute $10, you will look at our fresh look and know that you were a part of that. Another way to help is to forward the campaign page to your friends and family. We are over 1/3 there and every contribution makes a difference. Every time we get one, we jump for joy!!
With all of these contributions coming in, it was a challenge to really receive them. Sometimes, as humans, it's not so easy to receive generosity or acknowledgement. Or, at that, make powerful requests of people. We have taken on receiving and requests and look what is showing up! Giving up all of the "im not worthy" conversations leaves us with gratitude, love and a fast forward on our project. All we had to do was ask! Where in your life could you make a request of someone and fully receive their contribution?? Please share on our blog!
What a dream we are living. Following our dreams with an incredible community behind us.
Thank you for being a part of it.
I love you,

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