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Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Award!

Last we received an amazing award from Challenge Industries. What an honor. We have been working with them for almost half of a year now. If you are not familiar with Challenge Industries I really encourage you to check out their website www.aboutchallenge.org. Their main goal is to generate employment for people with mental and physical disabilities. We have been dropping off large quantities of blank bags and macaroon/granola labels and their employees have the job to place the labels on all of the bags. What was becoming tedious work for us is now really fun work for the people at Challenge. Perfect. So I guess the work is really really fun for everyone up there because we got the news that Challenge Industries (which is a HUGE organization) had voted for us for their "Best New Business Partner of the Year" award. Last year the recipient was Tompkins County!!!! It was such exciting news. The award ceremony was last week. On the meal option card it said steak, fish or lasagna, so Russ, our main contact and head honcho up there (picture above), had them make us a special gluten free vegan meal to have! We were able to see and acknowledge all of the other award winners, which included their employees and staff, receive their awards too. I was so moved throughout the whole thing, breaking into tears left and right! I was (and still am) so blown away by what this company does for people with disabilities and our community. Getting this award helped me get how much we are apart of Challenge and what they are creating. In my acceptance speech (I was a little nervous and shaky!) I said "One of the best things about owning your own business is being able to make a difference in your community." That is ringing so true to me these days and I am very excited for the future.
Thank you for your love and support,

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Sandra said...

Congratulations! Your business is amazing, and both you and Ian are amazingly hardworking and dedicated entrepreneurs.