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Monday, October 25, 2010

Natural Products Expo

So two weekends ago was the Natural Products Expo in Boston and we were there! The expo is for industry people only. So that includes wholesalers, brokers, retailers, importers, packaging people, etc etc. The reason why we hadnt done one before was because of the price. It is so expensive to present there! This year we were asked by one of our distributors if we wanted to share a space inside of their booth. It was perfect. We ended up with half of a folding table inside of a booth with all kinds of products in it. Our table was right up front so were able to sample our stuff.
We had an awesome experience. Not only did we receive great feedback and support from retailers ("oh, I carry this stuff! cant keep it on the shelves!"), but we were able to walk around and see all of the other products there. We tried so much new stuff so we didnt even buy ourselves lunch or anything! I really felt like a little fish in a huge ocean! Some of these companies are huge. So huge that they spend tens of thousands of dollars for these amazing booths with endless samples and demo people. I was very impressed by all of the work that went into each one. I will attach a picture below of one of the fancy ones--FAGE yogurt. The comparison of that picture to our little table is so cute. I am so proud of us.
We came back from the expo feeling so inspired. Inspired by this game we are playing called "business." We have so many plans that we are now acting on to take our business to the next level. Here we go! One piece of advice that we recently received was that we should consider changing the name "macaroons" for our macaroon product. We need something more creative and us. Not sure what that might look like, but if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to comment your ideas or email them to blog@emmysorganics.com.
Thank you for following and supporting this blog. I am loving the practice of stopping to reflect on all that is going on. So thank you!! None of this would be possible without all of our support out there.
i love you,

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