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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wow, a lot of you may be wondering..."where did she go?" I am here! Alive and well. The month of September was a whirlwind. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ian left for the month to fulfill on a lifelong dream to ride his motorcycle across the country and back. I had no qualms about him going, I want everyone's dreams to come true and I was excited about what the month could bring me. We spent weeks making extra product so we would have a stock ready and I wouldnt have to be making so much each day. I got a little hiccup of fear before he left. "Can I handle all of this?" Ian calmed me down saying "dont worry, I have calculated how much we need in advance so all you'll have to worry about it packing orders, making cake, decorating the kitchen and the farmer's market." I thought "wow, that does sound great..." and carried on. Ian left for his trip and although I was sad to see him go, I was curious about what the month would bring me. Like, a new womanly connection to myself, some time with my friends or maybe a juice cleanse!
Well, Ian or I could not have been more wrong on our predictions. The day after he left we got 3 ENORMOUS orders that wiped out our back stock and then some. WOW! What a rush! The rest of the month continued to provide huge orders. What we didnt realize is that September is a huge month in our industry! What a lesson to learn. Our back stock was to carry us through a month like August which was nothing compared to what I experienced. I became a work horse! Getting into the kitchen as early as possible and staying very late at night and requesting help from anyone who could come by! Every order was this combination of excitement and fear. I have honestly never pushed myself so hard in my life. I would make these long lists of things to do and accomplish all of it in a day. Though I was running on little sleep and mostly adrenaline, but I was so proud of myself! It turned out that September was the biggest month that we have ever had. EVER. I handled it all by myself and I am blown away by the accomplishment. I thought the month would bring me something completely different. What I ended up with was an awesome sense of ownership and pride. I was able to see where my weaknesses were and where I once relied on Ian to take care of things. How great. I feel so much more confident in what I am doing here!! Great. Confidence in the unknown always leads to the perfect experience.
Ian also had the time of his life (email blog@emmysorganics.com if you have any questions for him!) which was worth every second of the month!
Thank you so much to all of you for being patient with me as I disappeared from the blog world for a little while. I am so grateful for your confidence and belief in us! Thank you thank you I love you. I will be back so so soon! Lots more to talk about like the award we received last night and the Natural Foods Expo that we are attending in Boston this weekend!
Stay Tuned.

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katie said...

good going babe-a-lious! I loved when you cane into the CSA and said you had no time to socialize! Also, I for sure you knew you had it in you. Now you can choose to turn it on when and where you want to, with confidence! On to the next challenge? You both are inspiring! love love, xxxoo Katie