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Monday, August 2, 2010

Transition Time

Wow! Every time that over a week has gone by since my last post, SO much has happened. I love it!! Im just going to dive right in...
Our new machine is (almost perfectly) working. We are waiting for a new part to come in that will make things perfect. Instead of making every flavor of macaroon a day, we have shifted to making one or two flavors a day but making almost six times as many as before. It's great. We can make so much at once now! This is great because about two weeks ago (on the first day of grassroots, an amazing music festival in our area) we received our first order from Barnes and Noble. Yup, that's right! The bookstore. The very big bookstore. We were placed within all of the stores that are located on college campuses. It's perfect for us. The first order was for 30 locations! They tried a case of three flavors of macaroons- coconut vanilla, dark cacao and chai spice. We haven't heard much yet, but I cannot wait for the feedback. When Ian and I heard the news, we were screaming and jumping and going nuts!! I called a lot of people. How exciting! It was great. We got the account through our broker, who has helped us make so many cool connections. We are way grateful to him. So I will keep you posted on the progress of that!
The great news came and it was grassroots time. There were so many family members and friends in town and a lot of work to be done. The weekend was a whirlwind. Of course with all of the excitement came some mistakes. Two of our orders got sent to the wrong place, Ian got sick, I got sick, etc. It was great. Every mistake or let down has taught us so much. There are times when something like this happens and we get scared "omg we're not professional enough" "how could i let this happen?" "this is all my fault" etc etc. All of those thoughts come up. But, the more that it happens, the less I take it personally and the more I am able to simply get in action around it. Whatever it may be. For example, calling and apologizing, taking responsibility. It feels so much better to get it out there and not hold anything inside. Then we move forward, rather than lurking in the past. This is such a big help with any kind of situation.
Anyway, what is going on this very week is that we now have access to our new space! Ian's dad, Bill, has come to town from California to help us renovate and move it. What a guy!! The yucky indoor/outdoor carpet has been removed by Ian, Bill and Daniel. Ian has some scary battle wounds from the task. Now we are figuring out plumbing and getting our new floor down. Just being in the empty space felt great. I have no idea what it's going to look like in the end, but I know it's going to be great. I will be posting pictures of the transition as it goes along. The pic above is our blank canvas, an empty room with no carpet. Here we go.
Thank YOU for reading and following what we are doing and creating! It makes such a difference to have such an amazing support network. We would not have all of our success if it was not for you! Feel free to share your thoughts/comments here. We would love to hear from you.
I love you,
p.s. I would like to apologize to our loyal Ithaca Farmer's Market customers. We have been pretty inconsistent with our attendance in the last two months. I apologize and will update online if we will be there or not each week! Thanks!

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