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Monday, July 5, 2010

More Cake!

Incase you didnt see the blog comment, I have been asked to do my first wedding cake job! It seems crazy since I just started working on all of this cake business. But I guess that's what happens when you have a clear dream. It's just perfect, the wedding is in October so I have plenty of time to plan everything out. This is going to be the most amazing cake ever. I know it.
This past weekend was my birthday weekend and what better way to celebrate than making cake. I was inspired and followed (almost entirely) the recipe for chocolate raspberry cake in the Sweet Gratitude raw dessert book. I had so much fun and it turned out beautifully. The layers were quite even and it tasted amazing!!
Aside from cake, Emmy's experienced a slowed down month. The first in quite a while. From what everyone says, this is usual in the month of June. It was weird at first. We kept thinking "are we doing something wrong?" "is this distribution thing wrong?" "shouldn't we be more busy?" At some point we chose to give up this conversation and enjoy ourselves!! Not to say that we havent drummed up some new business this month and are steadily planning our move to the bigger kitchen. AND I took a drive to go and pick up our new machine a few weekends ago. We are almost up and running! Waiting for one last part!! The last piece of news is that Ian will be traveling for over one month in September. He is fulfilling on a dream of his to ride his motorcycle across the country and back. So it looks like I will be the solo boss lady for a little while. The idea is a little intimidating. There are definitely certain jobs that Ian is much better than me at (like lifting large buckets of agave!). But what an opportunity this will be for me to grow as a business owner. I am way excited. The pics above are my birthday cake.

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