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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Thursday Update

One of the most exciting new developments over the past two weeks is our new partnership with Challenge Industries (http://aboutchallenge.org/CI-final/). This is an amazing organization based right in Ithaca that provides jobs to people with mental and physical disabilities. Challenge provides rides to work, paychecks and a wide variety of jobs for the people that work there. It was Ian's mother's idea to contact them about the possibility of labeling bags for us. This came up because Meryl (or Emmy!) has been our sole bag-labeler for almost a year. She is amazing and can label bags so fast. But in the end there is only so much that one person can do without hurting their wrists (this is a front and back label for each bag for seven flavors of macaroons and small bags of granola!). I think we can say the same about scooping macaroons! Anyway, we went up and visited Challenge and we were blown away by how many services and jobs that they offer!
Needless to say our bag labeling test was perfect. The bags looked great and they were done so fast. I am so excited to be able to contribute a job for them. Also, all of the money that we pay them goes directly to their employees. They feel so accomplished getting a paycheck! It is so beautiful! Please check out there website above to learn more about what they are doing for our community. This is amazing stuff!
I love watching our business expand in such a way that it contributes to more and more people. This is fun. Much love to you.

p.s. the picture above is our order board. whenever we get an order, big or small, we put it on a slip and tack it on the board. it always feels great at the end of the week to "clear the board!"

p.p.s. did i mention that our new space might be able to handle a small retail store??

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