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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Weekend

Hello! I know that it's Tuesday, but I feel like the weekend just ended. Ian and I drove back from a weekend down-state yesterday. Marian covered for us at the market which was such a treat. I heard that she was making a special peppermint ice cream sundae...she gets real creative with those sundaes!! We knew we were in great hands.
Aside from having a great weekend with my family, we went to test out a new machine for forming macaroons. What a cool experience. We got to bring all of our ingredients and actually make macaroons in a test kitchen facility. We put the batter into this machine...and it worked!! It actually worked! This machine can make about 3200 macaroons in one hour. This is seriously going to ramp up production. I am so happy that we have found something. In past posts, I mentioned another macaroon machine. The other machine was a failure. It did not work and we are in the process of returning it. It has been quite a few frustrating months trying to get this other one to work, contacting the manufacturers, etc. We finally had to say "no more" the machine does not work and we need another one. Once we declared that, we had some space to start looking again...and voila! I will upload some pictures from this adventure tomorrow. Side note: one of the salesmen was a famous pastry chef who went on tour with Julia Child!! I felt like I was in good hands.
I am really excited about the possibility of this machine. Mostly because it will take so much less time to make macaroons that we can make so many more and spread the love further and further! This is getting serious. Did I mention that we found a new space?? More to come on that topic.
Well that is just a pinch of the latest news at EO (should we start abbreviating like that?)

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