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Friday, May 7, 2010


(post by Samantha..duh)

Hello Blog-Readers!
I am just so inspired that people read this blog! An amazing woman named Sheila simply walked into our kitchen today. The door is on the side of a house, pretty isolated, so I was shocked that she found us. She basically shared how her and her partner are really inspired by what we are doing and that she wants to help. She shared "oh, and I saw on your blog that you got a new table...and I have one that you might want." I just got so excited about blogging in that moment. I want everyone to be able to know what's going on with us! It will be so exciting to look back on these posts too. So thank you for indirectly joining the Emmy's Organics community. By knowing what's up with us, you are one with us!! How exciting! Thank you thank you thank you.
This week flew by and felt really relaxed. I am noticing that we have these weeks that really push our limits. Then we have a pretty large but not CRAZY week, it feels so easy. We are really getting this stuff down. Like it was just no big deal that we sent out 28 cheesecakes and 110 cases (12 packages each) of macaroons on Wednesday. All sliced, packaged, labeled and boxed. Piece of cake. Ha.
It is becoming pretty clear that we are growing out of the space we are in. Not to mention that we are downstairs and the big orders are getting a little crazy going up and down. So we are looking! We have found some great places. Some the price too high, some need too many renovations. What we want is something 1,000-1,200 sq feet, open space, windows, good sink hook-ups and good electric. If you know of anything that is $1/sq foot or cheaper, let us know!!
The other amazing thing that I want to say is that I have been so present to all of the people that contribute to us. Ian's dad, Bill (picture above), just came for his second week long trip to Ithaca from California. He came to simply help us out with moving plans. He helped organize our thoughts on what we really needed for a new space, hooked up our new sink, organized our kitchen, talked to plumbers, contractors and landlords. I mean, can you believe it??? On top of all of that, we just had a ton of fun...eating good meals and watching movies. Thank so much, Bill, I love you so much! There are so many people like Bill in our lives that contribute so much and I am so grateful!!
So now I want to hear from you. Lets begin to share with one another.
Who contributes to your life and how? It could be as random as the man who makes the coffee you buy every morning or your sibling who calls you every day. Please share!
Be well and have an amazing weekend.
Please note- it may snow on Sunday which means that we will NOT be at the Farmer's Market.
Love you all,

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