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Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!
Thank you for being a blog-reader! I wanted to write and say Happy Holidays to all. We have been having an amazing few days hanging with friends and family which is the greatest thing ever. We came back to the kitch yesterday to get ready for our week here. We really missed it and it feels great to be back.
We are thinking about some new flavors for the new year. Please feel free to email us at info@emmysorganics.com with some ideas!
Wishing everyone health, joy and fun this holiday season and in the new year.
with love,
Ian and Samantha

Monday, December 14, 2009


(post by Samantha)

Well the cheesecake is flying at Greenstar! That is my first update. All is well at Emmy's Organics. We have been really cracking down on creating schedules for production, packaging, shipping, meetings and playing! We recently hired our amazing friend, Mandy, to come in and make macaroons with us. She is the very first person that has learned how to make them! Its so cool. With her making them and Ian and I scooping we are just unstoppable! We also have the amazing Ricardo packaging for us. What a dream team...especially when you throw Meryl and Marian in the mix. I am really excited about how our company is evolving and all of the opportunity that comes with the evolution.
Today we were thinking about the Farmer's Market and how on the first day we did it we prepped all night making gallons of almond and coconut milk. We were so crazy! We had so much left over! Just thinking about that time reminds me that anything is possible and mastery comes with time, patience and practice. There is no way that this company would exist if we hadnt just gone for it. All of the other details are learned from failures/shots in the dark and look where we are now. I cant wait to read this blog post in a few months and feel the same way looking back.
I write today from a Shortline bus. I have been traveling once a week to New York City for a Landmark Education course that is five months long! I have been driving every week which is wonderful but I have been craving a break from driving. So I got on a bus today that has internet on it! How luxurious to do work on the bus. I am loving it!
The pic above is our granola! I had some recently and remembered how good it is. I love how crunchy is is and how it's not too sweet. I love the pieces with big chunks of dates in them. Its lovely with almond milk too. The pictures above are some of my favorites! They were taken by Jake Forney...our super talented photographer friend. Hire him!
Stay warm! Talk to you soon.