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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Quite Cheesy

(post by Samantha)

I am so pleased to announce that you can now buy our cheesecake by the slice as well as our fudge by the piece at Greenstar Co-op. We dropped off our first order on Thursday and 10 slices were sold in less that 24 hours. I am so excited about this. I see it as such a New York City "thing," where you can buy raw vegan meals by the serving to go. So G-Star is so hip and we are too. What an amazing treat to pick up!
We are eagerly awaiting our macaroons machine which is coming in less than two weeks. I am starting to become present to how much other stuff I will be able to get done when there isnt as much scooping to do. I cant wait.
I am getting really excited about the holidays this year. I feel more excited than I have ever been. Just yesterday our beautiful and talented friend Nydia Williams (photos above by her, design by ian) shot some photos of our holiday season specials. We are doing two holiday bags each of a dozen macaroons: one that is just chocolate and vanilla and the other is all of our flavors. Mint Chip, Chai Spice, Lemon Ginger and Chocolate Orange. They are bagged and tied with a glitzy gold ribbon. Fabulous! Our other super special creation is a Peppermint Chocolate sauce. Ian has been wanting to do this for a while. He made a batch yesterday and I kid you not, it tastes like Andes Mint Chocolates. The ones they leave on your pillow at hotels...or at least they used to do that. Maybe one day it will be a jar of our chocolate sauce instead. How amazing would that be??? A girl can dream... ANYWAY, these new products are not on the website yet, but they will be in the next two days. So check them out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/emmysorganics.
Soon, we will also be doing e-newsletters that you can sign up to receive on our website.
Much love this lovely Fall,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


(post by Samantha)

Hello wonderful, amazing people!
Thank you so much for reading this blog. It has been a little while since the GreentFest. The Festival itself was such a success. We established ourselves with the Maryland community. This is so perfect because after the festivals we received orders from a slew of new stores in that region. This is all thanks to Marian. Her parents live in Maryland and she knows the lay of the land. She knows of all of the health-minded stores and is committed to getting our products there.
Our customer list grows everyday. Including today! We are really working on the workability of our business. Today Ian and I made around 1500 macaroons all by ourselves. Its amazing what two people can do! We've gotten pretty good at it. In December, that is all going to change. We will be receiving a major piece of machinery that is going to scoop our macaroons for us! The machine has the capability to scoop 2500 macaroons in ONE HOUR! Today we spent over three hours scooping our 1500. We are going to have so much more time. I think that both Ian and I would love the time to catch up with customers and move forward on other projects. Another change is that we are moving into house together on Lake Cayuga. That is another change that I am looking forward to.
I have been super inspired about business especially since my involvement in Landmark Education. I am currently involved in a course where I am commuting to New York City once a week. It may seem crazy but I have been learning so many amazing technics for living my life powerfully. It has brought me so much which is why this commute is no big deal. I am so grateful to Ian and Marian for allowing me to rearrange life so that I can go there. Ian has been DJing...on his radio show at a club in town. We had a great Halloween! He has also been riding his motorcycle often especially since he purchased a heated jacket liner which will extent his riding season. Go Ian.
So what else is new? We have been honored to be chosen by an Ithaca College student, Drea, who is interested in photojournalism. She did her midterm project on us and wrote an amazing article with beautiful pictures. She is also using us for her final project. We are so flattered and so excited by her work. What an opportunity to have some professional articles and photos to use for various projects! The photo above is by her, Drea Kasianchuk.
Other news is that our chocolate sauce is going to be featured in VegNews Magazine! Check out the review and picture (taken by Nydia Williams) in the January/February issue. How cool is that? I feel so famous!
So there is a little update on the lives of Samantha, Ian and our Emmy's Organics family! Talk to you soon!